The BrainBlast instructors have been gathered from all over the district, and represent some of the top leaders of educational technology.

quinQuin Henderson

Educating Our Staff Since: 2010

Grade/Subject(s): Teacher Technology

Favorite Technology Tool(s): Mobile Technology and Apps

Quin Henderson is currently the Technology Coordinator with the district. He is a graduate of Weber State University with a B.S. in Business Administration and Marketing, earned an MBA from Colorado State University, and is a member of the American Society for Training & Development. His passion for training and technology are rooted in his 8+ years of electronic retail management where he trained employees, managers and computer technicians. In 2005, Quin was selected as part of an elite team of managers to travel the country and revitalize underperforming retail locations. In his down time he enjoys studying training and business methods that can be applied to the public education environment and how they can enhance the student and teacher experience.

ryanRyan James

Educating Our Youth Since: 2003

Grade/Subject(s): Digital Media, TV Productions, TV Broadcasting, 3D Graphics and Animation

Favorite Technology Tool(s): Moodle and a Video Camera

Ryan James has been teaching for over nine years and is excited about the future of education. He graduated with a BS in Media Arts from BYU. Ryan has worked in the film and television industry and successfully runs a media studio from his home. His current assignment is at Roy High teaching Digital Media, TV Productions, and 3d Graphics/Animation. Ryan is a webmaster for Roy High and many other businesses. When he's not spending his time creating interactive experiences he's usually out in the mountains or on the lakes, riding his skateboard, bike, snowboard, skiing, or running. His favorite teaching experiences happen every day with his four children.

kyleneKylene Brooks

Educating Our Youth Since: 2008

Grade/Subject(s): Kindergarten

Favorite Tech Tool(s): iPads, educreations, Blogs

Kylene Brooks is currently the Reading Specialist at Plain City Elementary. She has been teaching for 8 years, most of which, have been in Kindergarten. She has a Masters degree in Education and loves using technology to raise student engagement and increase rigor. She values teacher collaboration enormously and feels it is one of the best forms of professional development!

quinMike Dunkley

Educating Our Youth Since: 2012

Grade/Subject(s): College & Career Awareness and Keyboarding I

Favorite Tech Tool(s): Google Apps

Mike Dunkley is currently teaching the 7th grade College & Career Awareness course at Sand Ridge Junior High. He has a background in Business, Marketing, and Multimedia and is starting to branch out into Computer Science. Mike prides himself on running an all digital classroom. His students use Google Apps for all assignments, and learn how to work in a digital world. During the summers Mike writes fiction books and has published two books already, with a third on the way. He also has a love for travel and has been to Japan, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Thailand, and Vietnam in the last three years.


kylieKylie Owens

Educating Our Youth Since: 2010

Grade/Subject(s): Junior High-Social Studies

Favorite Technology Tool(s): Chromebooks, Blogs, and Google Docs

Kylie Owens currently teaches U.S. History and AP Human Geography at Wahlquist Jr. High. She also teaches an online course for the District and helped develop an online course for USOE. She graduated from Weber State University in 2011 and has been teaching since then. Kylie enjoys traveling and is an animal lover. Kylie and her husband have two pets of their own, a cat named Persephone and a dog named Isabelle. Both of whom are spoiled beyond belief.

jessicaJessica Peterson

Educating Our Youth Since: 2008

Grade/Subject(s): 2nd Grade

Favorite Tech Tool(s): Chromebooks, SMART, anything Google, IPads

Jessica Peterson is currently teaching second grade at Lakeview Elementary, right next to Roy High where she graduated. She received her bachelor’s degree from Weber State in elementary education. She has loved technology ever since high school, and loved using it through college. She now strives to give her students many opportunities to use technology in class. She has presented at two national conferences and loves to educate others on teaching and technology. This year her students have taken virtual tours through Skype, used the SMART board every day, studied with Kahoot and many other fun and engaging activities. She loves being outside, she is married and has a very cute cat named Toothless.


shawnShawn Potokar

Educating Our Youth Since: 2000

Grade/Subject(s): Video Productions, TV Broadcasting, Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Computer Technology

Favorite Technology Tool(s): Video, Moodle, Clickers, Blog, WeberTube, Google Docs

Shawn Potokar is a native of North Ogden, and has been teaching at Weber High for ten years. He graduated from Weber State with a BS in Sales & Marketing and worked in the real estate industry for six years. He later returned to school to earn a second BS in Business Education and started a lifelong career that had always been his first interest. He later finished his MEd in Instructional Technology from USU. His love for technology shows in his classroom where he enjoys integrating new technology into his teaching methods. Currently he is the Video Productions and Warrior Television instructor at Weber High.


halHal Raymond

Educating Our Youth Since: 1993

Grade/Subject(s): Biology, Life Science, Aquaculture, Earth Science

Favorite Technology Tool(s): Google Docs

Hal Raymond attended Utah State University and received a bachelor's degree in biology and a Master’s degree in agricultural science technology. Hal was a science educator for over 11 years; teaching at both the high school and junior high levels. He is currently an administrator at Weber Innovation High and principal of Weber Online. In addition to teaching young adults, he has had many experiences teaching adults in areas including technology and various software programs. Hal has used up-to-date technology to aid in his teaching and administrative career.


ashleyAshley Remkes

Educating Our Youth Since: 2008

Grade/Subject(s): Elementary

Favorite Technology Tool(s): Anything Google, especially Google Classroom

Ashley currently teaches 6th grade at Riverdale Elementary. She's a lifelong resident of Ogden, a city she adores for its mountains and community. She graduated from Weber State University with a Bachelors of Integrated Studies Degree in the areas of English, history, and honors. As an undergraduate, she worked as an English tutor and a secretary for Weber State's Academic Support Centers and Programs. In 2012 she completed her Master of Education in curriculum and instruction. Her research interests include language acquisition, at-risk student populations, and learning motivation. Ashley looks forward to learning with her students every day. When she's not at school she stays busy with a variety of outdoor activities, with her dogs, music, movies, and books.


alanAlan Rhees

Educating Our Youth Since: 1986

Grade/Subject(s): All

Favorite Technology Tool(s): Apps!

Alan Rhees is a lifelong resident of Pleasant View, Utah. He is a product of our Weber School District. He graduated from Utah State University and holds degrees in Elementary Education and English. Alan is working on a STEM endorsement, which has provided hours of fun and homework. He has spent his entire 30 year career at Lomond View School, the same elementary he attended as a child. Alan taught third grade, fourth grade, and is currently teaching sixth grade. He enjoys the outdoors. He spends lots of time using technology at school and at home. Alan and his wife, Stacy, have two children.


julieJulie Thorngren

Educating Our Youth Since: 1997

Grade/Subject(s): College and Career Awareness, Exploring Computer Science, Keyboarding, Student Govt

Favorite Technology Tool(s): Google Classroom, Google Drive

Julie currently teaches business at Snowcrest Jr High where she serves as the cheer & student govt advisor. She previously taught at Ogden High and Stevens-Henager College. She went to college at BYU-I and USU and received her degree in Business Ed and a minor in Marketing Ed and Japanese. She was Utah's Teacher of the Year for Agriculture in the Classroom and was named WBEA Jr High Business Teacher of the Year. She has presented at various conferences, is on the state keyboarding committee, and is a state keyboarding specialist. Her husband works at TH Bell Jr High and they have 5 vivacious kids, the oldest headed to Dixie State. Her favorite things to do are read, be outdoors, attend family events, and go on family trips!


cathyCathy Wall

Educating Our Youth Since: 2008

Grade/Subject(s): 3rd Grade

Favorite Tech Tool(s): iPads, Chromebooks, SMART, Response Systems, Apps, Coding

Cathy Wall is a product of Weber County Schools and is currently teaching 3rd grade at West Weber Elementary. She has been teaching for eight years and has a received a Master’s degree in Educational Technology Instruction and is currently working on a Master’s degree in math as well. She loves using technology in various formats to engage the students and find different ways for them to view concepts. She is always recreating lessons and looking for new and fun ways to teach and adapt to the needs of her current students, especially using technology.