What will the classes be like?

The BrainBlast classes are designed to deliver quality technology instruction tailored directly to enhance your instructional practices, in whatever grade or subject you teach. The BrainBlast conference is a dynamic training. It has changed each year in structure and instruction based upon the technology that we are focusing on for that year. Some years we provide a wide variety of topics with teachers having the ability to choose the topics they would like to train on. Other years we are limiting the amount of topics and having all participants attend training on common technology. Each year as we evaluate the new software and hardware that is being developed and introduced into the classroom we structure the courses and content based upon what is the best fit for Weber School District Students and Teachers. Overall our goal is to provide the best, comprehensive, and condensed technology training that will enhance their curricular goals, that a teacher can get.

What can I expect from the classes?

At BrainBlast, you will have opportunities to: Observe available technologies in the Weber School District. Discuss your technical issues with other teachers. Explore technology and best practices in your classroom. Experience a great way to enhance your curriculum with technology. Determine how technology makes classroom management easier.

Here is a list of some of the topics for this year’s conference. Keep in mind that there have been major updates to these tools within the last year. You might feel confident in current abilities but the chances are there art new tools and strategies that you can take advantage of in your classroom.

  • Chromebook Strategies
  • Chrome Apps
  • Google Drive
  • Google Classroom
  • Google Docs, Sheets, Slides & Forms
  • Moodle / Weber Online
  • iPads & iPad Applications
  • The New Video Portal
  • Evolve Online Training
  • MyConnect
  • Student Response Systems
  • Bring Your Own Device Strategies